ReelFeel Podcast 009 - DJ Nova


01.Tunde Mabadu - Viva Disco
02.Vis A Vis – Obi Agye Me Dofo
03.Sweet Talks – Akampanye
04.Inteticals – Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa
05.Joni Haastrup – Do The Funkro
06.Ray Lugo - Love Me Good (Yoga Edit)
07.Dennis Jr. - Okwen Me (Remix)
08.Captain Planet – Ningane (Whiskey Barons)
09.Los Chicharrons - Ma Do Nar (Remix)
10.Manu Di Bango - Sun Explotion
11.Kay Suzuki - Music



Present yourself in few words?

Γεια σας! I’m Yiannis, coming from space, planet Nova, galaxy Xandar but my spaceship landed years ago, when I was born, in Hellas, the geographical location that is considered the birthplace of science & culture. I tend to lose myself in music, I love sounds, feelings, colours, tastes, seasons, and of course all humans on your planet Earth! Though I haven't travelled much, I feel like a global citizen and love to connect & work together with people from all over the world, through are mutual love for music and thanks to the power of social media & the internet.

You are radio show producer, making compilations, music taster, dj. Which of these roles fits you most and which role is the most enjoyable for u?

Well, the first one, radio producer. Surely the most enjoyable is DJing. The other two roles (music taster and compiler) are not just fun/pleasure as many people think. They require a lot of time & work, spending many hours in front of a computer screen, and really connecting with every song and what it means to me.

Tell us about the Nova Planet Radio show. Its floating around the radio waves in Greece for how many years already? How did u start it. Who influence u ? How are you keeping it fresh?

Nova Planet started in December of 2003 after a conversation with a Rodon FM 95 radio producer at a Beach Bar in Greece, under the sounds of a great DJ who was to become Mister T, one of my fave new Greek artists/producers! When I was requested to do a Radio Show, I said thank you very much but I have no time to do something like this. Later in the Winter I thought to ask if the request was still valid. And that’s how the story started… Radio Nova from Paris was my main influence, I was a regular listener and Max Guiguet who was behind Nova Tunes compilations and Radio Nova playlists was a friend of mine. My first radio shows were completely different and sounded like Radio Nova. Fresh… However this changed a bit after 2007. After the crisis in music industry and the disappearance of many distributors worldwide that same year many things changed. Keeping it fresh for me is to keep it fresh for me. What I mean, fresh for me is to follow your feelings and instincts, not following the hype of music, just following what you like to play. Just choosing what I like to hear among the promotional material that is coming to me and to buy music without checking what is bestseller or most people like now…

You have several compilation released in your career. Which one was most difficult to finish and which one was most successful?

Hmm…Difficult question, each one has its magic or difficulties… I think the most difficult was ‘’Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2’’ on Peacelounge. It took me (took us – had always Christian Ardnt by my side) more than one year to finish and choose among so many unreleased music, did many changes until the final tracklist and spent many hours and exchanged many emails until the final result. The most successful was the first one, ‘’Night & Day’’, it was the first compilation in my country on this field of music and was distributed as a CD worldwide. But I have to say also that Nova Planet House Sessions on Kapa Music are the most exciting ones because I’m doing almost everything and I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m working straight with the producers that I like and choose.

As i know, you are not djing so much in country. Why's that?

Well, that’s true. First of all as I told you before I’m not a dj, I’m a radio producer I like to create soundscapes and soundcolours and I’m not the most experienced dj with all this new technology around me now. I used to dj more in the past with vinyls, I miss those times. Now I prefer to play rarely, in few private parties and places that I can play what I really want… People always asking me ‘’when is your next event?’’ It’s a common truth that my events have a different colour and aroma, people love it because those events are full of friends…

How the financial crisis in greece reflect your personal life and standard of living ?

The financial situation is definitely affecting in many levels, we are all much more careful with money trying to spend a bit less and save a bit more. On the other hand Greeks do have a great spirit and this is always there regardless of finances!

Which event you will remember in your carrer as a radio producer and dj?

Hard to name only one! When you are not a mainstream or regular dj and you are djing 5 or 6 times per year and you count 100 or more personal friends being there and you are dancing and parting with them all your events are extraordinary and leave you many memories in your mind… It will takes me hours to text you…

Which song comes out of you head without thinking?

F**k!!! now? Nothing… But I can tell you that I’m listeing while I’m texting this… I’m listening to Jay Alansky’s ‘’Mercy Street’’ as A Reminiscent Drive that will be released again after 15 years on my label in Frankfurt Peacelounge.
What music did you buy lately ?

Let me check my hard disc :P… OK I bought this Oy_-_Laundry_(Ripperton_Modern_Jealousy_remix) and this Brook_Sapphire_-_So_We_Start before few hours I included the second one on my new early morning breaks radio show on Mark Hartmann’s same title radio show in Planet Radio and Frankfurt that joined forces earlier this year.
On what media do you listen to music and play in clubs ?

CD & Mp3 now.

What is the latest cover, which you will remember? Cover or cover? Ha ha ha! Release cover, a Trevor Vichas one… ‘’Shake It’’ So sexy… wanna touch it! Music cover Mike Francis one, Marvin Gaye’s cover on ‘’I Want You’’.

Which band, artist or DJ impressed you lately? Band, Five Corners Quintet years now… Radio DJs Chris Coco, Mark Hartmann and Christos Kedras with his radio shows… Mr Goju, Montech & Ryan Lumbarda from Montenegro on the decks.

How do you usually wake up?

When I’m in my home with my parents with this: Yiannis! Yiannis it is time to get up… when I’m alone very easy with Blank & Jones ‘’Pura Vida’’ on my mobile phone as a ring tone.

 How do you usually go to bed?

On foot, I can’t bring my car next to it L
How are you curing the hangover?

With another hangover! I can stand more than 3 back to back! I love this but I’m always driving so I’m not drinking too much.
What was the last book you read?

A business book from a new friend of mine Mihalis Nalpantis, ‘’Participating In Trade Fairs’’
What never go away from your pocket?

My car keys!
What are you forgetting mostly?

Names, faces… I use most of my head's hard-disk to save music-related info and there is not too much space for anything else!
Current favorite tunes?

During March from the promos that I received my favorite are these: Ray Lugo’s ‘’Ma Fleur De Marseille’’, Echolocation’s ‘’At Peace’’ and ‘’9 In Common’s ‘’Science Of Meditation’’ from Peacelounge, Cesar Coronado’s ‘’Crazy Position’’ (Ed Maddams Soul Dub Mix) from Mexican Flumo, Ruben F ‘’I Can't Change’’ on UK’s Deep Edition, Camouflage’ s ‘’I Can't Stop’’ on Oh So Coy.

What we will hear in the podcast?

Afr(ic)o Disc(o) !!! Music from Africa or music that is inspired from Africa, a game with words and sounds, disco from Africa or discos=music that was released in vinyl records in Africa, Afrofunk, Nigeria highlife, Broken Beat, nu disco, deep house… Well to be honest, pure Dj Nova’s Music!!! I feel that the roots of music are based on music that escaped from Black Descent. Europe seems to have conquered Africa but in fact Africa conquered Europe. Thank you Africa, without you my life would be without God!

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